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10 Reasons To Move To Florida

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10 Reasons To Move To Florida

Each year, Florida has a massive inflow of people coming in for either tourism or to stay permanently. Research has shown that in a year, about 330,000 have resettled in Florida. And it’s not exactly hard to know the reason behind this, from the nice sunny weather to the low-income tax, and lots more. Have you considered moving to a new location for a fresh start, such as Florida? Then below are 10 major reasons to keep in mind as to why you need to relocate to Florida.

  • There is no need to pay state income tax

Amongst the things that attract new settlers to Florida is the fact that Florida doesn’t allow the payment of state income tax. While other places in the U.S. expect residents to actually pay state income tax, that is not the case for residents of Florida. This will allow you the opportunity to save enough of your hard-earned money to go on vacation and have fun. One of the ways in which the state caters to its tax requirements is through tourism and sales tax.

  • Amazing weather all through the year

Florida offers its new settlers enough sunshine and wonderful weather for more than half of the year, making it perfect for any outdoor activity. Despite the humid and hot summer, the season in Florida tends to be quite warm and sunny.

Also, those staying in the southern part of the state will most likely only need to wear a sweater even during the winter as the temperature is quite moderate. As a result of the constant and perfect warm and sunny days, people living in Florida can spend little of their time indoors and enjoy the most out of it by exploring and having fun outdoors.

  • Plenty Of Festivals And Cultural Diversity All Through The Year

Taking a look at its cultural diversity and festivity, no other state appears to be able to compete with Florida. In Florida, you can never get bored of things to do, as you have the chance to enjoy music festivals, art concerts, exhibitions, art galleries, and a lot of other annual festivals. As a result of its coastal location, a lot of Latinos are quite attracted to the state. Its diversity is also another thing that makes Florida an interesting place to live.

  • Amazing Beaches

In Florida, life’s a beach. For someone who loves water activities and is an outdoors person, Florida offers people living there the most amazing and beautiful beaches in the world. Florida offers its residents some of the most award-winning beaches in the world, such as Sarasota’s Siesta Public Beach, Clearwater Beach, Delray Beach, Pensacola Beach, Panama City Public Beach, St. George Island, Grayton Beach, and lots more. So, just for this reason, you would definitely love living in Florida.

  • Affordable Real Estate And Housing

Looking through the real estate sector of Florida, it is actually quite affordable when compared to other states. In Florida, you will definitely find something that fits into your budget and, at the same time, enjoy the benefits of living there. As a result of the high demand for properties in the state, there has been a recent increase in the price of real estate. However, this does not mean that you won’t get affordable housing. As long as you do your research well, you will get one that is quite affordable.

  • Intense Sport Culture

Sporting activities are not left out either. For lovers of sports, living in Florida also offers the best sports team you can dream of in the country. When compared to other states that have only one or no professional football teams, Florida has a total of three. Some of the most popular teams in Florida are as follows:

  • Orlando Magic
  • The Tampa Bay Rays
  • Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Miami Heat
  • Miami Dolphins
  • Buccaneers of Tampa Bay

With their professional team in place, you will have enough sporting tournaments and events all through the year.

  • The cost of living is quite low

Seeking a place to settle with an affordable and considerable cost of living? Then Florida is the best place for you. Although the quality of life in some major cities in Florida, which includes Miami, can be quite high, a major portion of the area throughout the state is very affordable when compared to various other U.S. states. Research has made it known that the total cost of living in Florida is a point lower when compared to the national average. Starting with the healthcare service, housing, and various other aspects of the state are all a bit better when compared with the national average.

  • Delectable Foods and Drinks

Florida is also another state with highly pleasing meals, such as their famous stone crabs or locally made craft brews. Due to its thriving farm land and climatic zones, it’s a wonderful place for fresh farm produce such as tomatoes, sugarcane, avocados, watermelon, and lots more. It is also quite popular for empanadas, sweet plantains, and other delicacies as a result of the state’s heavy Cuban influence. Their restaurant also serves a lot of island-inspired and Caribbean-style meals, which include coconut shrimp and key lime pie, as well. In any part of Florida, you are sure to find tasty and fresh fare around.

  • You Can Take Vacations Right Where You Live

Living in Florida gives you the opportunity to never have to travel before going on vacation anymore. With the awesome beaches and parks made available, they are all within driving distance. From the family-friendly theme parks to the secluded sandy beaches, there is always a fun place to visit in the state where you reside.

  • Good Employment Opportunities

As a result of the boom in tourism, international trade, biomedical and life sciences, construction, and recreational industries, the economy of Florida has always been flourishing. This has made the state one of the best for business activities in the country. Also, the employment rate in Florida is considered to be quite low, with the highly developed service sectors making various career opportunities available.


Moving can be quite frustrating, especially when you have no idea of the area you are moving to. With all these reasons listed above, what are you waiting for? It is about time to start making plans towards moving to Florida. At Paradise Moving, we can help relieve you from the stress of moving.

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