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How to Get Packing When You Don’t Know Where to Start

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How to Get Packing When You Don’t Know Where to Start

Everyone knows that packing is not that easy. Starting somewhere or figuring out where to start is already tricky. Even if you try to pack everything yourself, you can easily get overwhelmed already with the first box. All in all, you basically have to pack your life in boxes and load it all into the truck.

It’s okay to feel a little lost in these circumstances – everyone lives through that one way or another. Let’s focus on things that will help you organize your big move better.

Getting started

First of all, you need supplies. These are essentials of every packing process. Get a few medium-packing boxes and a marker. Start filling these boxes with stuff from rooms you don’t use too often first. This can be your garage, for example. Add padding and dividers between fragile items, then seal the box with tape and label it.

Repeat it with every next box. Now, move to another room. Start with clothes you won’t need this season first. Fill another box with cleaning supplies and toiletry. Fill another box with objects from shelves and drawers. 

Box by box, you’ll slowly but surely pack all of your belongings.

De-clutter and organize

Sure, packing stuff from some rooms will be a more challenging task. If storage areas and places like your office will be easier to pack because they probably already have everything sorted, your bedroom or living room will be a different case. Dedicate a day or two to declutter these rooms one by one.

Sort everything you don’t feel like it’s essential into three groups:

  • stuff you will most likely need;
  • stuff you will donate;
  • stuff you don’t need and will throw to the trash.

After that, you’ll feel a lot of weight lifted off your shoulders ‒ both literally and metaphorically. Don’t be shy and find those T-shirts you’ll never wear again, cooking supplies that always needed fixing, and old gift cards piling up in your drawer. You will eventually find that some pieces of furniture are also not worthy of taking up the space in the truck, and this is actually good news.

Know your time management

Just like with everything, it’s better to start earlier and have some spare time if you will manage everything quickly than to not have this space for a maneuver. Give yourself a good headstart and a bit more time than you need ‒ this way, you’ll definitely pack everything in time. 

Take your time. Packing is a physically and emotionally tiring process, so if you need a break, take it. Just make sure you still have time.

And if you feel too overwhelmed or running out of time, you can always call a helping hand of professional movers. Regardless of whether it’s a partial packing or a full packing process, Paradise Move movers will help you do everything just in time.

You can count on professionals if you aren’t sure you’re going to pack successfully on your own. It’s totally OK if you need some help ‒ not everyone is a guru of packing, especially for the first time.

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