Crate Services


Are you in need of custom crating of a statue or piece of artwork for a long-distance move or local move? Using strong, high-quality, custom, and strong boxes that are tailored to the size of those valuables should be put into consideration.

Fully Tailored Crates

Most packing and shipping companies have both size and weight limitations. We provide you with the best custom packaging and crafting solutions for heavy, fragile, unique, and high-value items.

What’s Inside Our Crates?

As a moving company, we are aware of what it takes to get any type of valuable item almost anywhere you want it delivered to. Even in cases where your items have to travel by land, sea, or air, professionals are equipped to protect and keep your assets safe through the entire turbulent shipping stream. Within our boxes and crates are custom blocking, bracing, and packaging.

The Full Spectrum Of Crating Services

Since we work hand-in-hand with various certified industries and organizations, we offer a wide range of crating services. Here, we build and design crates that meet the requirements of our clients, and these includes;

  • On-site crating
  • Heavy equipment crating and shipping
  • Turnkey crating solutions

We take responsibility for everything we do, thereby giving our clients peace of mind.

Crate And Ship Oversized And Fragile Items

At Paradise Moving, we know that everything might not fit into a standard box. For oversized and fragile items, we offer a specialty crating and shipping option.

International Crate Shipping

With Paradise Moving, we ensure the provision of high-quality international crate shipping solutions for any location all around the globe with little cost to consider.

Large Item Crating

Are you considering shipping large items and you have no idea how to go about it? Then you have nothing to worry about, as we specialize in handling all those shipping services for you at a very low price.

Specialty Crating

Here at Paradise Moving, we offer the best packaging services for every fragile item that requires special attention. Our shipping and packaging professionals evaluate the value and fragility of your specialty item to know what’s best for you.

Why Choose Paradise Moving

We supply our customers with custom-manufactured crates for any item and of any size. At the same time, as the most efficient moving company, we offer you the best price you’ll ever get and, at the same time, deliver the right services.


Will my crates meet all domestic and international shipping regulations?

We can assure you that all our crates are adaptable to state and foreign markets. Additionally, they comply with all regulatory laws and domestic and international transport requirements.

When is custom crating the best option for my shipping needs?

In a wide variety of circumstances, particularly if the consignment contains delicate or fragile belongings, custom crating is the very best option. Some examples of such items include valuable equipment, sensitive devices, works of art like sculptures, statues, and paintings, or fragile antiques and heirlooms.

Regular Subpeak Peak High Peak
2 Movers and truсk/hr $ 120 $ 130 $ 150 $ 160
3 Movers and truсk/hr $ 160 $ 170 $ 180 $ 190
4 Movers and truсk/hr $ 200 $ 210 $ 220 $ 230
Aditional Mover /hr $ 50 $ 50 $ 50 $ 50
Aditional Truсk /hr $ 50 $ 50 $ 50 $ 50
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