Full packing


The security of your belongings predominantly depends on its packing. There is no way a properly packed item can suffer from damage, let alone dents or scratches. The quality of packing material and method is key to ensure the safety of items that are close to your heart while you move.

Experts at Paradise Moving have the ability and experience to deal with packing challenges. We feel proud of our work ethics and disciplined. Once packing successfully done , our movers will carefully load and transport your belongings.

Wide Spectrum of Professional Packing Services

Our full packing services include packing:

  • artwork and picture
  • furniture
  • personal belongings
  • clothes
  • glassware and china
  • collectable and antiques
  • kitchen items
  • medical and sports equipment

When you order online or over the phone to benefit from our service, we will help you pack and move almost everything in your house or office.

Several Options for Packing

Boston residents can choose between our different packing options at an affordable cost, which are:

Full-Service Packaging

Moving to a completely new place is stressful on its own. Packing your things and transporting your belongings only adds to the stress. Why not leave the entire task to us? Our professional team can pack everything and anything for you- size and shapes have never been an issue for us.

Special Packaging

Delicate and fragile items are always at risk of damage during transportation. We provide special packaging for breakable items and pack them separately from your other belongings. Our packing crew will also label it to ensure our movers keep them above all the boxes in the truck.

Self- Packing

We provide top-notch packing services at an affordable price. But if your budget is limited, you can pack your belongings yourself, and we will help you move your stuff across the state or city. To ensure the safety of your items, you can purchase our packing materials like premium quality boxes, tapes, and plastic wrap. The best part is that these tools and materials are available at affordable prices.

Why Choose Paradise Moving?

Paradise Moving is an insured and licensed company with the objective to make the overwhelming experience of moving a little bit easier. We have trained packers and movers who pack, load, transport, and unload your belongings.

Our mission is to offer practical and safe solutions to deal with packing challenges. We can help you move different cities, like: Las Vegas, Jacksonville, Durham, Denver, Chicago, Burlington, Atlanta, etc.

We offer flat prices with no hidden fees (charges include mileage and tolls) for interstate moving and hourly charge for local moving. To improve your experience better, we offer a GPS tracking option, new trucks for transportation, and professional tools. Piano moving and storage services are also some of our special services. Do you have to travel far from your current location? Don’t worry! We can safely drive your items long distances.

Does Paradise Moving & Storage include boxes and packing in the moving price?

If you order a fully comprehensive service, we will include wrapping, boxing, and packing. Of course, sometimes customers only require one service. Whatever your needs, you can always order it from us! We also offer partial packing for those needing to pack several items. Conveniently, delivery of boxes within Greater Boston is free of charge.

Can you use your own boxes when using a moving company?

You can, but if you opt to pack your own boxes, it’s worth bearing in mind that moving firms aren’t normally liable for any damage that may be incurred. However, for certain customers, this may not be relevant as their risk of damage is less than the cost of professional packing services.


Regular Subpeak Peak High Peak
2 Movers and truсk/hr $ 120 $ 130 $ 150 $ 160
3 Movers and truсk/hr $ 160 $ 170 $ 180 $ 190
4 Movers and truсk/hr $ 200 $ 210 $ 220 $ 230
Aditional Mover /hr $ 50 $ 50 $ 50 $ 50
Aditional Truсk /hr $ 50 $ 50 $ 50 $ 50
Boston MA, Framingham MA

Paradise Moving & Storage Inc is a full-service Boston moving & storage company. Paradise Moving & Storage can accommodate all your relocation needs.