In house moving

In-House Moving Services

Although the idea of remodeling your house looks appealing, transferring your belongings from one room to another can be greatly stressful. Our in-house moving services make the process less stressful for you.

Despite being in-house moving services, we pack each item carefully to prevent damage. We have a professional, trained, and qualified team that customizes our services to meet your needs. Hence, if you live in Boston, rearranging your household items, decluttering, garbage removal, or remodeling won’t be a problem for you.

Rearranging Furniture

Whether you remodel, upgrade, or rearrange your house, moving furniture items is challenging. Not just because of their size and weight, but also because they may be fragile. Wooden and glass furniture suffer from a greater risk of scratches and breakage during shifting.

Paradise Moving helps you rearrange your delicate furniture using unique methods and tools. Once you order our services online through a website, or over the phone, our team will bring the required tools and expertise that can help move your belongings safely.

Moving Around Extra Heavy Furniture

Struggling to move heavy items like sleeper couch or dresser from one floor to another? Well, it’s not a big deal for Paradise Moving. Just point us what things you want to move and where and we will carefully do that.

On top of that, moving heavy furniture falls within our in-house service cost- no hidden charges.

Why Choose Paradise Moving

Our company services are not limited to the standard moving and transporting options. We offer a great spectrum of services to help you in all possible ways. From in-house moving to interstate moving services and from packing to furniture rearranging services – we can do everything. Our experts move items in your home with equal care as they do while interstate and local relocation.

Paradise moving also offers storage services, piano moving, and crate services. Our team will offer you affordable hourly rate with no hidden charges. Don’t worry about your home and belongings – we are a licensed and insured company that makes sure to fulfill their promises.

Will Stairs Be A Problem For Your Movers?

No. Our first-rate team consists of experienced, professional Boston movers who can expertly handle various challenges and problematic situations – from multi-story staircases and confined spaces to low ceilings or narrow openings.

Who should secure parking for the moving trucks?

The customer is solely responsible for any parking required for the moving trucks. If sufficient space is available, our movers may utilize a driveway for parking. However, if there’s no alternative to on-street parking and permits are compulsory, it’s the responsibility of the customer to ensure all mandatory permits are obtained prior to the move. In doing so, our vehicles can avoid any difficulties and park as close to the property frontage as possible. Kindly ensure a minimum of 40 feet is available to park each vehicle, and permits covering at least 40 feet must be obtained if required. In the event that our movers arrive on-site without accessible parking, the customer will be charged for any additional time needed to locate appropriate parking. Should our movers have to park further from the front door than necessary, this will increase the total moving time, resulting in extra costs charged to the customer. Any parking fines, charges, etc., incurred during the move are the sole financial responsibility of the customer and will be added to the final invoice.


Regular Subpeak Peak High Peak
2 Movers and truсk/hr $ 120 $ 130 $ 150 $ 160
3 Movers and truсk/hr $ 160 $ 170 $ 180 $ 190
4 Movers and truсk/hr $ 200 $ 210 $ 220 $ 230
Aditional Mover /hr $ 50 $ 50 $ 50 $ 50
Aditional Truсk /hr $ 50 $ 50 $ 50 $ 50
Boston MA, Framingham MA

Paradise Moving & Storage Inc is a full-service Boston moving & storage company. Paradise Moving & Storage can accommodate all your relocation needs.