Packing tips

Moving into a new location seems to be an aspect of one’s life that we cannot completely avoid. It could be for a change of environment, a new job, a new home, or whatever the case may be. There’s always anxiety accompanying change, the stress ofpacking, and the worry about properly handling delicate objects. The list of the challenges is endless.

Full-Packing or partial packing involves some level of precision in order not to screw things up. We will offer you some helpful tips to ensure a swift-moving process and general packing purposes.

How to Pack for Moving

No one wants to live with the regret of forgetting some essential items they want to move with or special and delicate items. Different packing techniques are required for specific items. Our suggestions will be classified into the following:

  1. Clothing

While packing clothes, you might want to put some of these into consideration:

  • Shuffle as much as possible by deciding what to let go or keep.
  • Do some sorting. It could be based on weight, fabric, relevance, according to seasons. Once this is done, don’t forget to tag or label the sortings to avoid a mix-up.
  • Select the right type of packaging material for each sort. Based on the content weight, it could be cardboard boxes, wardrobe boxes, suitcases, or even polythene bags.
  • Consider the best folding method to use for hanging and non-hanging clothes.
  • For shoes, stuff them up with packing paper, socks to ensure they will retain their shape and pack in hardshell boxes or suitcases.
  1. Draperies and Curtains

Here are some suggestions to help you get the drapes and curtains ready for moving:

  • Getting them cleaned up helps keep them in good sanitary condition when unboxing.
  • Choose thick/strong package boxes as most drapes and curtains are quite heavy.
  • Have them folded lengthwise and placed in the box.
  • Avoid overfilling the boxes and label the package appropriately.
  1. Mirrors/Paintings/Glass Tabletops/Wall Hangings

These are very delicate items to pack while moving and could be done through these basic methods:

  • Get a strong and durable box to pack these vital articles.
  • Pack up the mirrors or glass tabletops in bubble wraps and tape them with PVC packing tapes to ensure the wraps won’t fall off.
  • Tightly package the wrapped wares with the boxes to ensure no loose ends at the corners of the pack.
  • Ensure the edges are well protected and write in bold letters “DO NOT LAY OBJECT FLAT” or “DELICATE OBJECT” on both sides of the pack or box.
  • For Paintings and wallhangings, the process is similar to avoid scratches on them, and the caution note on it can be “DO NOT PLACE OBJECT OVER.”
  1. Dishes/ Plates/ Flat China

Kitchenwares are an integral part of necessary items to put on the list, especially if vintage wares or traditional plates are involved. These involve easy steps:

  • Get a suitable box.
  • Put some cushioning inside, at the base and sides of the box.
  • Wrap up the plates in threes or each separately with newspaper or bubble wraps
  • Arrange the flats and plates followed by the dishes and other similar wares.
  • Stuff the space in the box with some stuffings (newspaper, cardboard, etc.)
  1. Bowls/ Glasses/ Cups/ Bakewares

The packaging of these Items is quite similar to those of dishes and flats. However, a few more tips can come in handy:

  • Stuff the glasses and cups with paper and wrap up the stems and handles.
  • For the bakewares, the glass products should also be covered.
  • Stuff up the box tightly to ensure little to no movements in the box during transit.
  1. Lamps/shades

These items should not be packed in the same manner or stacked together. We would suggest you consider these steps for easy packing:

  • Dislodge the lamp into parts.
  • Remove the detachable bulbs to prevent them from breaking.
  • Wrapping with clear paper and not printed paper to prevent ink stains.
  • Stuff the box to be used with proper cushioning to ensure the lampshades are well fitted.
  • After fitting the lamps/shades in the box, stuff up to fill space, close the box, and tape tightly.
  1. Small Electronics/Clocks/Small Appliances

Unlike lamps/shades, you can pack these items together in the same box.

While packing them up, care needs to be given to delicate parts like plugs and glass surfaces of clocks.

A single prioritized arrangement can be used in packing them all together.

  1. Books

Like clothes, it is always best to start with a shuffling process to let go of some and keep some.

The following tips will also help with good packing:

  • Sort the books according to cover type (soft or hard) and sizes.
  • Plastic storage boxes are most recommended to protect books from moisture, molds, bugs, and dust.
  • The hardcover books should be placed standing upright in a box.
  • To prevent tearing when unboxing, they should be packed snugly and not so tight in the box to prevent tearing when unboxing.
  1. Food/Pantry items

Food items like canned food and spices can be packed in a much simpler way, some of which are:

  • Use a sturdy box to pack them up.
  • Place the canned foods in first in a snuggle fit.
  • Other food items are stuffed on top of the canned foods.

It is in your best interest not to move fresh/ refrigerated/ perishable foods as they could contaminate/soil other items while in transit.

  1. Plants and Flowers

Delicate items like plants and flowers require specific preservation techniques to ensure they don’t lose out on their basic parts. Here are a few tips to note:

  • Before the moving period, you can move them into smaller or shatter-proof pots for easy transport.
  • You can be wrap up the large plants in old sheets or tissue paper.
  • Fix the pots in the base of the box fitting snuggly.
  • Use papers to pad up the spaces between the pots to limit movement in the box.
  • Depending on the nature or species of plant/flower, the box can be left open for aeration.
  1. Refrigerators

These simple tips can be very helpful for packing refrigerators:

  • Clean the internal part and dry it up to avoid leakages
  • Empty the compartments some days before moving to let it defrost completely.
  • Remove any fittings like separation slides or glass to prevent falling off or breaking.
  1. Items of Personal Importance or Sentimental Values

Before moving, make a simple list or stock of your items of importance and take these steps:

  • Declutter and let go of some based on a hierarchy of needs.
  • Most personal items like jewelry, mobile phones, legal documents, gadgets, financial documents, and medical aids are best kept within your reach and well sorted for easy identification.

More Packing tips

Asides from the tips given for items for moving, some general tips can help make packing easier:

  1. Get rid of some things. “Break ties with old habits.”
  2. Before packing, do proper sorting.
  3. Always use the right package box or material.
  4. The most important things always come first. Prioritize properly
  5. Start the process early enough to avoid a last-minute rush.
  6. Contact the moving company early and make a booking.
  7. Inform the moving company about your delicate items to ensure optimum care and safety.


It would help to note the following:

  1. Know packages you can put up for storage.
  2. Get proper storage containers.
  3. Ensure not to put dangerous and perishable items in storage
  4. Pack items properly for storage purposes.

Why choose Paradise Moving?

At Paradise Moving, we are committed to meeting all of your moving challenges. We not only help you with moving your belongings within local routes, but we also offer interstate services.

Not only do we pack and move your belonging to designated places, but we also offer storage services. With us, your packages are in safe condition.

Our service rates are fairly structured with express packing services, bothfull and partial, within local areas and interstate. Our company is readily available as we have an online booking system and accessible contact systems.

How do I prepare my house for Packers?

You can prepare for professional packers and movers by taking the following into account:

  • Create a moving calendar.
  • Downsize – donate & discard unwanted items.
  • Clean up prior to the movers arriving.
  • Throw away all non-transportable items.
  • Allocate an area for items you wish to handle yourself.
  • Set aside valuable items.
  • Take photographs.
  • Ensure children and pets are taken care of.


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