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Pros And Cons Of Seasons To Move

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Pros And Cons Of Seasons To Move
Table of contents
  1. Autumn
  2. Winter
  3. Spring
  4. Summer

Moving is a quite stressful process on its own, and some people tend to plan it long in advance. That makes sense ‒ the more you are prepared, the more successful your move will be.

If you’re planning a local or interstate move, you can start with the choice of the season. Every season has its own advantages and disadvantages ‒ let’s see what will suit your moving needs better.


Autumn is a perfect time for new beginnings, relocation included. Fall is perfect for creating everything for your new cozy place to live ‒ placing furniture, adding decor, and moving your clothes into a new wardrobe. Although if you want to do some renovations, autumn is probably not the best season for that.

Pros of moving in Autumn:

  • the temperature outside will make it comfy to manage everything;
  • it’s an overall scenic and really beautiful season;
  • not all movers work in autumn, so there’s less competition for them;
  • the weather is quite predictable, making it easier to plan your important day.

But there are also some downsides to moving in this season:

  • long rainy days make it more difficult to move on a certain day;
  • external renovations will be difficult;
  • if you have kids, their adaptation to an addition of the new school year will be stressful for your family;
  • the days are shorter, so you’ll feel more tired finishing your unpacking.

Overall, autumn is a good time to move ‒ you just have to take your unique circumstances into consideration.


Winter can be a difficult time to move, but you still might find it advantageous in some circumstances. A lot of moving companies have less tight schedules, meaning it will be easier for them to accommodate your plans. 

So, what are the advantages of moving in the winter season?

  • home prices drop noticeably;
  • also, there is less competition for homes;
  • due to the lower competition between movers, you can find your own perfect moving schedule for lower prices.

As for disadvantages, we can mention the weather ‒ snow and low temperatures make it more difficult to manage to move. Also, holidays and the school season can cause additional stress.


Spring can be the perfect season for your moving ‒ the light day becomes longer, the temperature is nice, and the weather is way more predictable than in winter.

Other advantages of moving in spring include more opportunities for planning, more time for kids to adjust, and nice weather that will make your move more comfortable.

The cons, however, include higher competition between homes and movers, and the end of the school year if you’re moving in Many ‒ this can be a bit stressful.


Now, everyone prefers summer to plan their move! Summer break, long sunny days ‒ sounds great.

Also, you will have enough time to settle down in your new home and adjust everything to your liking.

Although, some downsides exist.

It’s a popular season to move, so expect a really high competence for professional movers ‒ this includes higher prices for services. Also, when the weather is too hot, moving will be extra tiring. 

Whatever season you find more comfortable for you to move, Paradise Moving is there to help you. Our movers will help you with packing if you need, will securely transport your belongings, unload them from the truck, and overall make your move as comfortable as possible.

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