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The Benefits of Living in Washington State

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The Benefits of Living in Washington State

Washington state is viewed by many as a perfect place to start a new life at. And that’s true ‒ the conditions in WA are perfect for focusing on what you want from your new life.

In this article, we’ll break down the most famous benefits of living in Washington state.

Explore endless recreation opportunities and enjoy a wonderful scenery

If you’re an enjoyer of camping, glamping, hiking, or some winter sports like skiing, there’s no better place for that than Washington. Aside from having access to water (we’ll talk about it later on), WA is known for the beauty of its national and state parks. You can explore their areas and get some great outdoor recreation time while also falling in love with this nature.

There are also some seasonal options. For summer, you can enjoy your stay besides Lake Washington or Lake Union ‒ and swim there, of course. For winter, a lot of ski and snowboarding resorts are open for those who enjoy winter sports.

And if you own a durable bicycle or an electric bike, you can explore the scenery of many biking trails ‒ both for great views and some thrilling offroad adventures.

A lot of work opportunities

Of course, recreation matters, but what about jobs? Well, let’s see what does WA job market look like. Spoiler alert: you’ll like it.

Washington is booming with job opportunities in many industries ‒ including business, of course. Companies like Boeing, Costco, Starbucks, and Microsoft hold either regional or national headquarters in WA cities, and they always have vacancies open.

Not to mention smaller companies ‒ you’ll be able to find a job there quite easily, and setting up or moving your own business there shouldn’t be a problem either.

The community matters

Unlike some other states, Washington chooses to focus on local problems rather than creating a nice facade for a state. This is why most cities and towns there are clean and prospering.

Local communities in WA matter, and you can see this local focus nearly in everything from infrastructure to entertainment opportunities.

Enjoy the ocean 

It’s no news to anyone who knows their geography that Washington borders the Pacific ocean. But there’s more to that than just being a state with an ocean coastline.

The ferry industry offers a very convenient means to travel along the coastline ‒ this works well both for tourists and locals.

Another maritime branch that’s highly developed in coastal Washington is ocean cargo ‒ which is logical, of course. Add that to the job opportunities list!

And because the Northwest of the state has a very intricate coastline with a lot of canals present, you’ll find all these long floating beaches breathtaking ‒ driving there is a whole another level of road experience, and the views are spectacular.

Although it can get pretty cold in winter, the Pacific Ocean coastline in WA will welcome you with short warm periods in summer ‒ perfect for challenging the waves and casually swimming. 

An accessible and sustainable life

The infrastructure all around the state of Washington is very convenient for everyone ‒ drivers, cyclists, and people without personal transportation means. You’ll find some good bike trails, a developed system of public transportation, and, of course, great highways.

And if you own an electric bike, you will have no problems using it for your daily commuting since the infrastructure system has a network of bike paths (not everywhere, but this is something the state is moving towards to). Also, this is an eco-friendly alternative to gas-powered cars, and the state is interested in lowering CO2 emissions.

The average level of income in WA is a bit above the average for the USA, but life there is not extremely expensive. Regardless of your yearly income, you’ll find a comfortable lifestyle there that will perfectly fit your needs.

Also, you’ll love local-made foods as the agroindustry in WA is the leading one in the USA. Nature is generous there, and you’ll also find local wine surprisingly nice to have ‒ the wine industry in Washington is ranked second in the US after sunny California.

No state income tax for you to pay

While some WA residents can agree that sales tax is a bit more than average in Washington, it’s only fair to mention that Washington is actually one of the few states that didn’t enforce state income tax. 

With that in mind, you can look at salary offers from another perspective ‒ you’ll deduct fewer taxes from these numbers than in most US states.

Choose the city that fits your lifestyle

Both big cities and smaller towns in Washington have their unique vibes. They have equally good conditions to live in, so it all depends on what is your preferred lifestyle. 

For example, Seattle might look a bit gloomy, but it perfectly holds a wonderful mix of evergreen nature with being a huge city where giants like Amazon have settled their HQs and the streets are full of restaurants and markets.

If you opt for the Seattle rhythm of life, but maybe a bit more affordable, you’ll definitely love settling in Tacoma. It’s a big city, but living there costs less than in Seattle. Also, there are a lot of fancy museums ‒ especially those dedicated to the local industry of glasswork.

Moving in the Southwest direction, you’ll definitely love the diversity of the local community and the scenery of Olympia. 

Or, you can choose Vancouver. Not Vancouver, Canada, but the Vancouver, Washington, of course. Separated from Portland, Oregon by a river, Vancouver offers a unique pace of living. Also, a tip from locals: shopping in Portland, Oregon, will be more affordable ‒ Vancouver doesn’t have an income tax, and Portland doesn’t have sales tax. It’s a perfect mix!

Spokane, Redmond, and Bellingham are your best options if you want a slower life after moving to Washington. These cities are beautiful but less populated than Olympia, Tacoma, and Seattle, with a lot more affordable cost of living. Spokane is located closer to the Northeastern border of the state, Redmond is technically in the Seattle agglomeration area, and Bellingham is in the Northwestern part of Washington, closer to the border with Canada.

Great education opportunities

Washington has a rich history ‒ no wonder a lot of respectable universities were founded in this state. As of now, you have a wide range of higher education choices.

For example, the University of Washington is one of the prestige US universities that has its own research base and a medical center. It’s perfect for studies in medicine, business, and science.

If you prefer to study somewhere farther from Seattle, your best option is probably Gonzaga University or Whitworth University in Spokane. Both are Christian institutions, but very open to everyone. They mostly focus on liberal arts, but also have well-developed sports opportunities like schools.

One of the oldest universities in the country, Western Washington University in Bellingham offers a variety of programs in business, marketing, and science.

Many housing options to choose from

The housing market in Washington is full of opportunities for everyone. Average rent in Seattle might be a bit too high for you if you’re moving from Detroit or Nevada, but if you’re moving from NYC, you’ll love the prices for housing there. 

Even in big cities, a lot of options are available: from renting a house to renting an apartment in any neighborhood you like. You can even opt for small towns closer to mountains ‒ some of these towns have really nice houses for rent with all the important infrastructure close by.

All in all, Washington is a nice state to live in. Sure, it has its own problems as any other state does, but overall, it’s a great place to start a new life. If you plan to move there, finding the best city, town, or neighborhood that suits your needs won’t be a problem. And if you need any help moving your belongings safely to Washington ‒ let us handle this task and take your time to get acquainted with your new place instead.

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