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Top 5 items you’ll want to avoid putting into storage

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Top 5 items you’ll want to avoid putting into storage

Storage, a spacious, secure, and climate-controlled environment where your items can lounge around, safe from the elements, is a second home for your belongings and a perfect solution for those who are moving, downsizing, or need extra space.

However, not every item is suitable for self-storage. Some items would rather be elsewhere, and quite frankly, we’d rather they were too. Paradise Moving has prepared a list of the top five items that are not to be deposited in storage units. 

Top 5 Items You’ll Want to Avoid Putting Into Storage

It’s important to know what items are better not to deposit in storage units to maintain the security of your belongings and to ensure the well-being of the facility and other stored items. So, what items should not be put into storage?

Living Creatures or Plants

Living creatures or plants are not the best roommates for a storage unit. Imagine trying to survive in a place with no sunlight, fresh air, or friendly faces around. That’s exactly how your pets or plants would feel in a storage unit. 

The environment in our storage units, while perfect for your furniture, collectibles, and other personal items, isn’t quite convenient for the needs of animals or plants. They require regular care, attention, and a healthy dose of Mother Nature, which is not possible in a storage unit.

Moreover, storing living creatures or plants could breach facility policies and regulations. Paradise Moving prioritizes the safety and well-being of all living things, and we’re sure you do too. So let’s keep our furry friends and leafy companions where they can thrive, and leave the storage units for the non-living items.

Food or Perishable Goods

Perishable goods are definitely on the “Do Not Store” list. Let’s find out why these items are better not to be deposited in storage facilities. Picture this — you’ve just opened your storage unit, expecting the familiar scent of your safely stored belongings, but instead, you’re greeted with a less-than-pleasant aroma. Not the best scenario.

Storing perishable goods, such as food, can lead to unwanted guests (think pests). These creatures are attracted to food items and can cause damage to your stored items and the facility.

Perishable goods also tend to spoil over time, leading to potential health risks and unpleasant odors. Paradise Moving always ensures all stored items are safe from pests and odors due to premium hygiene and cleanliness protocols. Our storage services are considered the best in the USA due to our commitment to the satisfaction of every one of our clients. Contact us to learn more. 

Top 5 items you’ll want to avoid putting into storage

Liquid or Gaseous Chemicals

Chemicals, whether in liquid or gaseous form, may seem harmless sitting on a shelf, but when left unattended in a storage unit, they can throw quite a tantrum.

These substances have the potential to leak, explode, or even cause damage to your other belongings, not to mention posing a risk to the entire storage facility. We recommend you choose alternative storage options for these potentially hazardous substances because a storage unit should be a haven for your items, and the chemicals should be handled by professionals in the appropriate storage facilities.


Some possessions are irreplaceable tokens of your personal history, dear memories, and important milestones. Things like jewelry, documents, or family heirlooms are the true pieces of your heart. 

Self-storage units at Paradise Moving are equipped with top-of-the-line security measures, but your valuables deserve additional protection. They need a secure place where the physical safety is ensured and the emotional value is respected.

Think of it this way — you wouldn’t leave your crown jewels in your car, would you? Similarly, while our storage facilities are secure and our movers have all the necessary skills and equipment to transition belongings like fine art or antique items to your chosen storage unit, they may not provide the fortress-like protection that these precious items need. So, choose options like safe deposit boxes at banks, home safes, or specialized storage services. 

Flammable Materials

Flammable materials, such as gasoline, paint thinner, or propane tanks, definitely should not be put into storage as they pose a serious safety hazard. One small spark, and you’ve got an unwanted firework show on your hands. Storing these items in a self-storage unit can potentially lead to fires, causing damage not just to your belongings, but also to the entire storage facility. 

Paradise Moving tries to offer a safe and convenient home for your possessions, assisting you with loading and unloading or packing them for storage. That’s why we kindly ask you to find alternate storage solutions for these flammable materials. Let’s keep our storage units a fire-free zone, and ensure that the only sparks flying are those of joy when you rediscover your safely stored items.

Top 5 items you’ll want to avoid putting into storage


So, here’s the deal: self-storage units, like the ones we offer at Paradise Moving, are perfect for decluttering your space or safely storing those items you don’t need daily. But, just like you wouldn’t store your favorite ice cream in your closet, some things are better off not being kept in a self-storage unit. Keep the chemicals, valuables, and flammable materials out of your storage box.

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