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Top 7 things to keep in mind during the busy moving season

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Top 7 things to keep in mind during the busy moving season

So, you’ve just decided to pack up your life and transition to a brand new abode. It’s an exciting, life-changing time for everyone. However, you should be aware of the moving season and how it can affect your relocation. 

You ask, when is a moving season? Prepare to mark your calendars because we will tell you about the busiest time of the year: the peak moving season. This is the time when the moving industry is bustling, trucks are speeding down highways packed with cargo, and homes are being filled with fresh memories. 

When is Peak Moving Season?

The peak moving season is a time when moving trucks become a common sight. This period usually starts with the blooming flowers in April and winds down as the leaves start to fall in September. 

But from May to August, the moving industry is in full swing. It’s during this time that the surge in moves reaches its crescendo.

So, don’t wonder “When is peak moving season?” anymore. Instead, picture long, warm summer days, barbecues in the backyard, kids splashing in the pool… and yes, the sight of moving trucks rolling down the streets. 

Top 7 things to keep in mind during the busy moving season

Why is Summertime the Peak Moving Season?

Why is summertime the peak moving season, you ask? Well, imagine sitting on a couch through a snowstorm or worrying about your belongings getting drenched in a sudden downpour. We know, it doesn’t sound fun. But during summer, the weather is usually on your side as it provides the perfect conditions for a move. No rain to dampen your spirits, no snow to slip on, just clear skies and pleasant temperatures. 

Summer also coincides with school holidays — the ideal time for families to make their move. This means children can adjust to their new surroundings and schools without the disruption of an ongoing term. While the kids are out building sandcastles, you can easily transition to your new castle without disrupting their education.

If you’re a family with little ones, a couple ready for a change, or a solo mover who needs a fresh start, summer is the best time for moving. And if you need help with your relocation, contact the Paradise Moving company any time you want. We offer a wide range of moving and packing services and can help you transition to your new home both locally and between the states. Our experienced movers have all the necessary equipment to ensure your belongings, from small items to oversized furniture, will remain in excellent condition after the journey. Don’t just take our word for it — take a look at the reviews from our happy clients and prove to yourself we’re the best moving company in the USA.

7 Tips for Moving During Peak Moving Season

You’ve got your moving season mapped out, but remember, peak moving season can present some difficulties. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of seven useful tips to help you move during the peak season:

  • Book your movers and choose a date ASAP. Think of your preferred moving date beforehand. Demand is high during peak moving season and available slots with moving companies disappear fast. Act quickly, book your movers well in advance and claim your perfect date.
  • Take advantage of moving discounts. Yes, costs can rise during peak moving seasons, but so do opportunities for savings. Many moving companies offer attractive discounts to lure clients. If you pay attention to these deals, you may find a bargain that leaves more money in your wallet. Paradise Moving also boasts affordable prices and attractive discounts for all our services, including local moving and interstate relocation. Contact us to learn more. 
  • Aim for a mid-week, mid-month move. Most people book movers at the beginning or end of the month and on weekends. Break away from the crowd and opt for a mid-week, mid-month move to avoid the rush and get a better deal.
  • Avoid moving on a holiday. Holidays during peak moving season are magnets for movers. Try to avoid these extremely busy periods to ensure your relocation feels like a calm sea.
  • Arrange for childcare on a moving day. Moving day can be a rushed and overwhelming day for children. Arranging for childcare can help keep children safe, entertained, and happily engaged while you concentrate on the move.
  • Lighten your load to save on costs. Keep in mind, that the more extra items you have, the more expensive your move will be. Why not use this as an opportunity to declutter? Pack only the essentials, lighten your load, and save on costs. You’ll also have less to unpack in your new home.
  • Prepare for the drive. If you’re driving to your new destination, treat your vehicle like a trusted steed. Make sure it’s in perfect condition, plan your route carefully, and arrange necessary accommodations for overnight stays if it’s a long journey. A smooth drive is a perfect start to your new life.

Use these tips to be ready to relocate during the peak moving season. Remember that Paradise Moving is always ready to lend you a helping hand during your relocation. Our services extend just packing and moving — you can also order our storage services if you need a little break during the move or have a lot of stuff to relocate. Contact our customer support team to learn more. 

Top 7 things to keep in mind during the busy moving season


Booking your movers early, getting sweet discounts, cleverly choosing a mid-week, mid-month move, avoiding holiday chaos, arranging fun childcare on a moving day, decluttering for a lighter load, and prepping for a drive to your new home — that’s the formula of a successful relocation. So, may your new chapter be as bright and warm as a summer’s day. And if you need help or have additional questions, you can always count on Paradise Moving. 

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