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10 best places to live in Washington State

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10 best places to live in Washington State

Washington State is becoming an increasingly sought-after place for singles and families to settle down, thanks to its booming industry and multibillion-dollar corporations. Some of the most well-known business giants in the world, including Microsoft, Costco, Amazon, and Boeing, as well as countless other prosperous companies, made WA their home.

Aside from being an economically prosperous state, Washington can also offer you some wonderful natural beauty sights you’ll fall in love with. WA is called the Evergreen State not for nothing ‒ with all these evergreen forests and mountains it has breathtaking landscapes that mesmerize residents no matter the season.

If you’re considering moving to this state, probably your first guess is Seattle. While yes, Seattle is a big and wonderful city full of opportunities, it’s worth noting that other cities and towns also have nice communities and good opportunities for residents. In this article, we’ll review the ten best places to live in Washington state ‒ in no particular order.

10 Best places to live in WA

Bellevue is a good choice if you don’t want to move far from Seattle but want a piece of slower life than there. The town has amazing views of mountains, a few parks, and a breathtaking sight of Lake Washington. A good economy and a nice community with amazing food are also worth mentioning when we’re talking about Bellevue.

By the way, many US residents as well as people worldwide mistakingly think that Seattle is the capital of Washington state. While it might be a good and a big city (we’ll definitely talk about it later in the article), the capital is actually Olympia.

Olympia has a thriving community with good food, affordable housing, and a lot of family-fun locations. And if you’re looking for higher education opportunities, Evergreen College is also located there.

Moving to the eastern border of the state, you’ll find the city of Spokane. It’s best known for its bright downtown area with a lot of locations to try some local wine. The nature around is very picturesque, and the county is well-known for its wineries. Spokane is a vibrant city with many great opportunities to lead a well-paced life.

Bellngham is another great place to live, and local residents try their hardest to preserve the city’s welcoming vibes. The nature outside is gorgeous with many parks and lakes, and if you want to enjoy the downtown life in Bellingham, you definitely have to go out there on Friday night at least once to listen to some street musicians and try our local fried fish.

Moving to Redmond, you might think it’s a very busy tech town as it is considered to be a home for Microsoft and Nintendo. But, to your surprise, you won’t find any attributes of busy tech life in this town. On the contrary, you’ll find the neighborhood rich with bike trails and picturesque sites for camping and picnics.

Issaquah is another good place to settle in Washington State. It used to be a farming and mining community, but in modern times the focus of the attention shifts more and more toward cultural and historical heritage and scenic views of the local nature. Being a town with history, Issaquah is rich with its signature architecture.

Close to Issaquah, you’ll find Kirkland. If you get instant associations with Costco, you’re not wrong ‒ it’s a home top this retail giant. But there’s definitely more to Kirkland than just great Costco deals. It’s an eco-friendly and extremely healthy community that has everything for families to settle in: entertainment, great nature, playgrounds, and sports courts.

On the other hand, if you want to move as far from the Seattle area as possible, you can opt for Walla Walla. It’s the farthest town from Seattle in WA, and also it is considered to be the safest community. No traffic congestion, no high crime rates ‒ only a quiet and peaceful life. And if you want to enroll in college, it offers you Whitman College and Walla Walla University. The cultural stage in Walla Walls is also rich, thanks to the tightly-knit and very friendly community.

Speaking about safe and wealthy communities, we couldn’t get past Mercer Island. It’s a very developed and clean area with great infrastructure, a good climate, and a rich cultural heritage. Also, it has some great schools, so if you’re moving with your family there, Mercer Island is definitely one of the best options.

And, finally, we have Seattle. It’s fairly the biggest city with a complex infrastructure and other things big cities are known for. And yet, Seattle has very friendly neighborhoods that offer well-paced and comfortable life. If you like big city vibes, but without an NYC-like rush, Seattle is a great choice to settle in.

All in all, Washington state is rich with beautiful and comfortable places to live ‒ you just have to choose which one suits your lifestyle and goals the most.

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